Orgasm Meditation

Sensual Orgasm Meditation Education

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Tired all the time?

Can’t focus with a racing mind?

Unable to relax during intimacy?

Losing the affection connection with your lover?

These are all common sensuality and sexuality obstacles for women around the world. 

What is a woman to do?

It is time to get you S.O.M.E.

With sensual orgasm meditation education you will discover :

  • The 3 most common reasons why women have difficulty reaching orgasm and how to overcome it
  • How to drop the mental chatter during intimate moments and be in the moment with your lover
  • Why you feel exhausted all the time and turn it around in turbo speed
  • The 7 sacred energy points and load them up with fiery feminine power through orgasm meditation
  • Girly super sexy spots and the fastest way to be aroused for the incredible “O”
  • Explanation to the sacred “O”meditation technique to start using immediately

How do you get S.O.M.E. ?

Join the 1/2 day private virtual workshop from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a computer, webcam, active internet connection and a free gmail account.

Seating is limited to 8 guests per private virtual workshop that last 3-4 hours so sign up early.

Women only private workshops for open conversation.

Included with the workshop you will receive 3 Free downloads about the 7 energy points, orgasm meditation and female arousal areas.

Invest in your lifetime of sensuality freedom for April introductory price of $35.00

When do you get S.O.M.E?

Workshop dates and times for April 2014  (Eastern Standard Time Zone)

Thursday April 17 10AM-2PM

Tuesday April 22 12PM-4PM

Friday April 25 6PM-10PM

Monday April  28 2PM-6PM

R.S.V.P. your date and time in the contact form below.

After receiving your R.S.V.P. your confirmation information will be emailed to you with a paypal link for secure payment. Also receive your FREE 3 downloads.

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